About us

Zdeněk Teplý founded a company for the production of vegetable oils and oilseeds trading more than 20 years ago. Since then, the range and services for customers have expanded significantly.

The current composition of the range of vegetable oils for cooking in small and also large operations will satisfy all customers. From smaller entrepreneurs, restaurants to big customers. By not purchasing from a third party, the customer saves costs and at the same time always delivers products of the highest quality from us.

Our services do not end only with a wide range of packaging materials. We are now able to create plastic bottles with a capacity of 10 litres directly in our production area. Have a look at our production line of PET bottles.

We are able to create not only a packaging, but also a mixture of oils according to your requirements. We deliver products to private brands 14 days after delivery of the graphic design of the label. It all depends on the agreement and we are always open to a new partnerships