Deep-frying oil


Deep-frying oil is characterized by elevated thermal stability even with repeated heating, therefore it is especially suitable for deep-frying, frying and baking. The high quality is achieved by the use of palm oil, which gives to the dishes a pleasant taste, smell and golden color.

The 10-litres package is ideal for large customers such as restaurants and mobile fried food shops (favourite langos, french fries, potato spirals).

Palm oil forms characteristic turbidity when stored at lower temperatures.


Rapeseed oil with low content of erutic acid, palm oil.


Keep in a dry place with temperature below +20°C.

Energy value



  • 10 litres PET
  • plastic barrel 45 kg
  • plastic container 580 kg
  • plastic container 900 kg
  • freely in tankers

You can order from 1 pallet.