Vegetable oil


Q-MIX vegetable oil is conection of the best properties of several oils. The basis is always rapeseed oil and we supplement it with sunflower or palm oil. This way we ensure always high-quality composition and desirable properties with a lower price.

We are able to mix Q-MIX for wholesale customers according to their requirements.

The combination of various vegetable edible oils ensures that it never disappoints you in the cuisine. You can use it for short-term heat treatments, frying and salad producing.


Rapeseed oil with a low content of erucic acid or its mixture with sunflower or palm oil.


Keep in a dry place with temperature below +20°C.

Energy value



  • 10 litres PET
  • plastic barrel 45 kg
  • plastic container 580 kg
  • plastic container 900 kg
  • freely in tankers

You can order from 1 pallet.