Rapeseed oil


Rapeseed oil with low content of erutic acid is ideal for wide use in the kitchen. It is suitable for short-term heat treatment of dishes, but it is also very good for preparations of salad dressings and mayonnaise.

Rapeseed oil is one of the most nutritionally valuable vegetable edible oils. Its properties will be appreciated by families and also wholesale customers.


Rapeseed oil with low content of erutic acid.


Keep in a dry place with temperature below +20°C.

Energy value



  • 1 litre PET
  • 5 litres PET
  • 10 litres PET
  • plastic canister 10 litrů
  • plastic barrel 45 kg
  • plastic container 580 kg
  • plastic container 900 kg
  • tank 8t, 16t, 25t
  • freely in tankers

You can order from 1 pallet.